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Electric handpiece systems (electric handpieces) consist of a control unit, cord, micromotor and various attachment or dental micro motor handpiece options. Many systems easily connect to existing dental portable unit for sale. Systems require between 110 and 230 VAC, connect to the dental unit turbine tube with compressed air (40-60 psi) and use the existing dental unit foot control. It works by depressing the foot control, which activates the micromotor to produce the electric energy required to rotate the bur. There are several ways the operator can control the speed of the marathon micro motor including: the foot pedal, interchangeable attachments, programmable functions, up and down buttons and arrows, and potentiometers or control knobs.

Externally mounted units can be quickly connected and disconnected in a short amount of time and can easily fit on a bracket tray. Internally mounted options, on the other hand, allow the control pad and micro motor handpiece marathon to blend in with the dental unit. The dentist is required to subject the dental chair to quite a few position changes. It is a well-known fact chair positioning is a very important aspect in the success of dental treatment as having correct positioning can augment the operator’s visibility and accessibility to the oral cavity. The choice of patient position varies with the dentist, the procedure involved and the quadrant of the mouth that is being operated. Even the slightest change in reclining the dental chair by, say a few degrees, can have a great positive or negative impact on the quality of dental treatment. The problem arises when the exact same position cannot be replicated during phases of a particular procedure.

For example, when the patient requests the dentist to raise the chair to use the spittoon the position is manually altered by the dentist. When the operator has to recline the chair to the exact same position as it was before the change can be quite tricky. With the advancements in technology, dentists now have the freedom to assign a few memory settings to chair positions. The programmable chair positions can be customized along with predefined memory functions such as Zero, Spitting and Last Working Position. The movements of the dental chair should be smooth. While moving from one position to another, the dental chair should not startle or pose any shaky movements. The patient on the dental chair must already have a certain amount of anxiety while being seated and the jerky movements of the chair can add to the fears of the patient. Although the control panel is equipped with various types of functions that can be altered, the use of a foot control ensures better asepsis and can prevent cross-contamination between dental patients. The traditional disc type foot control allows the dentist to control the amount of compressed air that enters the airotor tubing, causing the air turbine to rotate. They also featured controls to bring the chair back to the zero position.
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